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Euphoria's Destination

No Man’s Land 

nice rock! - Studio F.A.M.E. 
rockin tune - Citizen​Hope 
Great feel my song. - Adrian the Englishman 
really nice! - POLSTEAM BELUGA 
Good job!! - Negative Headphone 
old feel - R.I.Q     
like the vocal effect! - New Apostles 
vocals are little iggy on this - Highfield 
has a joy division vibe to it love it - issy 
cool song - Blunder Puppy 
I really love this entire tune! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 
☻☺☻☺ - THE BELUGA 
great - cara 
Great track man, dig that driving bass! - Thomas Bråthen 
Nice track! - Deep In Progress 
awesome tune :)) <3 - Achazia 
Awesome track ^^ - Marco Oversteegen 
making it happen! - November Love 
Goooood! - Carmelo "Don" 
Excellent! super voix! - Alice Ciacco 
Like a wild ride! - MarkGTR 
Wow, this is outlaw rock-exciting rock rhythm's! - Mark Badinson 
Excellent Rock song, I like the style my friend. - P'pa Carpenter 

Closer Than We Are 

Interesting work...very well done indeed... - Adrian the Englishman 
great musicianship! refreshing to hear real recorded instruments - DonBeDum 
nice dynamic! - She´s excited! 
Especially these drums! xD - Itsso 
Love the chill-lazy vocals! Nice stuff man! - Itsso 
this song is mighty nice! - guitarwizardsofthefuture 
☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺ - THE BELUGA 
excellent !all the way! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 

The Tide 

beautiful - Highfield 
a lovely song I can see friens singing along - Shelia King 
Very eclectic and good lyrics! - Redline Alchemy 
“this is superb, feeling this folk masterpiece” - MintLab 
Great atmosphere :) - Therese J 
nice folk feel with a great character voice - Citizen​Hope 
amazing - cara 
Great work...class - Black Mirror 

A Better Way 

A trip for your ears! - The Oracle 
What a wonder mix of styles fused so well together, quite unique! - nexusdawn 
yeahhh! - DonBeDum 
cool diverse song - She´s excited! says 
lots of different sounds going on, pretty cool. - The Number B 

Because Of Our Love 

nice stuff has a 60s psychedelic flavor I think, luv the percolating bass - Chris​P 
this is really psychedelic - Amy Casper 
I hear me a native flute! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 
love the chorus great voice has a bit of a talking heads feel - Citizen​Hope 
great vocals….awesome chorus - Highfield 
Nice - Sissy Aurore Boréale 
Excellent - Black Mirror 
really original - Amenbo 
 This is brilliant!! - The P-Dust 

Army of Presstitutes 

i really love the guitar in this! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 
Great song!!! - Blunder Puppy 

Someone Who Isn’t You 

An unusual style...good effort - Gemma Cao 
cool style…likin this - soundboard tinkerers 
super track! - Alice Ciacco 
Cool track! - Dominique Le Bars 

Utopia's Song 

love the change, hard to do, the lyrics are very right for our time - Citizen​Hope 
good - cara 

The Deception of Bad Love 

Love this! - Jess Josie Lee 
great energy! - Highfield 
The guitar is real smooth! I like the lyrics :p - The Hungry Hollow 
dooooppeeeeeeeeee - EDM Worldwide Yesterday 
divinely - cara 
Catchy tune! - Mr. Bad Luck 

Happy End 

This IS A GREAT SONG!!!  One of John Rocknowski's best solos. - Gerit Vandenberg 
you got that crazy psychedelic sound of flower years, you know :) really enjoy that music! - Leonow 

I'm In Love With You 

uplifting beauty - Highfield     
zoli (beautiful) - thierry Lorsy 
Nice - thierry Lorsy 
cool relaxed - Elysa Sand 
Nice soothing atmosphere on this one - Mr. Bad Luck 

So Be It 

smoooooooooooth - DonBeDum 
cool!! - DEDE ALDRIAN (Dedevai) 

Carousel of Life 

Music theater. - Gerit Vandenberg 
Like this tune. Carousel is actually the name of my band - Cas Sands 
Nice Work - One For All Productions 

good song - Private​Beat​Club/S.Rostov 
this is smooooth - Kelli^Astair 
This is simply beautiful. - AlexDangMusic 

The Bell Rings 

i like this, very trippy. Cool vocal melodies and change ups. - Umbrage 
really cool production. love that guitar sound! - guitarwizardsofthefuture 

With Intimacy 

awesome - Harsh Blue 
great energy,,,,,,,cool - Rado And Friends 

Maple Falls 

quality sound     - Katja Beautiful 
nice,,,,,,,great vocal - Rado And Friends 
Good song and sound! - Rolando Belli 
great track - Harsh Blue 
Sublime! - Alice Ciacco 


great sound and vocal,,,,,,nice,,,,,,,good feel - Rado And Friends 
creative rhythm and sound….fascinating - November Love 
nice collage of sounds - Skiprope Cello 
Great track! Captivating arrangement and a intriguing feel about this! - MOMA 

I Love You So Much 

You are serious musician - ORIGINAL G 
Great subtle piece! Analog and with a close feel that really gets to you! Congrats! - MOMA 
Great song, you have a deep, sharp voice! - Brenda 
Excellent - Black Mirror 

Dreaming of Utopia 

awesome,,,,,creative,,,,,,nice - Rado And Friends 
Right on! Nice song! ....Pop, Rock, Sea Shanty Waltz makes for a very interesting experience...kind of euphoric! ; ) - November Love 

Change of Heart 

Lovely tune - Melody Cat 
Nice starter…very good musical sound and perfect voice - P'pa Carpenter 
Good - Cara
Catchy song! - Pierre Bordetti 
nice solo - Evgueny Jevaguine
excellent song! - Citizen Vain

The Lake 

love this harmony and what a great pic...smiling - Sunnidayz 
Song that can be listening with pleasure. bravo. - Alain GUERIN 

Take Me With You 

Just lovely! - Alex 
wild sounds - Summer Music Network 
Love this easy country melody sound with great raw country vocal and harmonies! - Mark Badinson 
Great song, love the vocals! - Chris Byerley 
Cool and perfect classic genre - P'pa Carpenter
Very cool Country! Nice steel guitar - Pierre Bordetti
sweet country song! - Per Bronco

Going Out In Style 

Groovy! - Musicar 
Very nice session! Great work! - Negative Headphone 
great work congrats - Summer Music Network 
great groove! - Vapor Void 


very trippy and very well executed! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 

Echoes Of Forgotten Times 

very psychedelic and relaxing! mellow tune! enjoyed it! - Wind​Spirit​Wild 

Heavenly Visions 

Great play with the surround sound!  - The Oracle 

Divine Intervention 

Quality music! :) - Time Away 

Lost Cause 

Punky….swampy cool! Nice! - Vortex in a Bag 


Way good….I’m liking this. - Vortex in a Bag 

Mystic Train 

Really nice :):) - numbers in the dream 


like - cara 

Spiritual Evolution 

Nice music. Fitting title. - The Number B 

Second Thoughts 

Bliss! :) - Time Away 

Society's Shame 

Awesome….cool lyrics - Vortex in a Bag 

The Mirror 

very nice piece man! :) - Sulfurico 

Transition Vibrations 

go man go! - Gerit Vandenberg 

Tomorrow Will Be There 

You guys are freaking great! - Vortex in a Bag 

You Never Listen To Me 

Punk rock classic - ​numbers in the dream 

Age of Uncertainty 

Excellent track! - Orange-1 


Written and recorded in about 2 hrs, i recall. - Gerit Vandenberg 

Rebirth Of Mother Gaia 

unusual - KarlHenrik 

The Love of Our Lives 

Sweet lovely - EDM University 

Meant To Be                                                                                         

very nice. great harmonies :) - Achazia 

Simple Times 

Great vibe! True analog feel and touch! - MOMA 

Truth Walks Alone 

Nice song I like much - fpmorinstudio 

Essendo In Amore Con Te 

Nice song! - Pierre Bordetti 

Free To Be 

Nice - Sketch 

After Hours 

cool - Amenbo 

Shifting Paradigms 

dope - Beyond Blessed Studios 


I like this one. - Gerit Vandenberg 

Peace On Earth 

Awesome - Aois 

Living In Peace 

I like that - Summer Music Network 

The Age of Peace & Love 

awesome - Cara
Cool :) - Evgueny Jevaguin


excellent work! - Temple Of The Haunted Man

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