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Euphoria's Destination

The Lake 
love this harmony and what a great pic...smiling     Sunnidayz 
Song that can be listening with pleasure. bravo.      Alain GUERIN

Take Me With You
Just lovely!      Alex
wild sounds     Summer Music Network
Love this easy country melody sound with great raw country vocal and harmonies!      Mark Badinson 
Great song, love the vocals!      Chris Byerley
Cool and perfect classic genre      P'pa Carpenter

No Man’s Land 
nice rock!    Studio F.A.M.E. 
rockin tune     Citizen​Hope 
Great feel my song.    Adrian the Englishman 
really nice!    POLSTEAM BELUGA 
Good job!!    Negative Headphone 
old feel    R.I.Q     
like the vocal effect!    New Apostles 
vocals are little iggy on this     Highfield
has a joy division vibe to it love it    issy 
cool song     Blunder Puppy 
I really love this entire tune ! BTW I LIVE IN NO MANS LAND for real!    Wind​Spirit​Wild 
☻☺☻☺    THE BELUGA great 
great     cara
Great track man, dig that driving bass!     Thomas Bråthen
Nice track!       Deep In Progress
awesome tune :)) <3        Achazia
Awesome track ^^    Marco Oversteegen
making it happen!       November Love
Goooood!   Carmelo "Don"
Excellent! super voix!     Alice Ciacco
Excellent Rock song, j'aime le style mon ami (“I like the style my friend”).     P'pa Carpenter

Closer Than We Are 
Interesting work...very well done indeed...    Adrian the Englishman  
great musicianship! refreshing to hear real recorded instruments  DonBeDum 
nice dynamic!    She´s excited! 
Especially these drums! xD    Itsso 
Love the chill-lazy vocals! Nice stuff man!    Itsso 
this song is mighty nice!    guitarwizardsofthefuture 
☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺     THE BELUGA 
excellent !all the way!     Wind​Spirit​Wild
Wow, this is outlaw rock-exciting rock rhythm's!     Mark Badinson

The Tide 
beautiful      Highfield
a lovely song I can see friens singing along    Shelia King  
Very eclectic and good lyrics!    Redline Alchemy  
“this is superb, feeling this folk masterpiece”      MintLab 
Great atmosphere :)    Therese J 
nice folk feel with a great character voice    Citizen​Hope 
amazing    cara
Great work...class       Black Mirror

A Better Way 
A trip for your ears!    The Oracle 
What a wonder mix of styles fused so well together, quite unique!     nexusdawn 
yeahhh!     DonBeDum 
cool diverse song     She´s excited! says 
lots of different sounds going on, pretty cool.     The Number B 

Because Of Our Love  
nice stuff - has a 60s psychedelic flavor I think, luv the percolating bass    Chris​P  
this is really psychedelic    Amy Casper   
right about here i could hear me playing native flute!     Wind​Spirit​Wild 
love the chorus great voice has a bit of a talking heads feel      Citizen​Hope
Excellent        Black Mirror
really original        Amenbo
This is brilliant!!     The P-Dust

Army of Presstitutes 
i really love the guitar in this!     Wind​Spirit​Wild 
Great song!!!     Blunder Puppy 

very trippy and very well executed!    Wind​Spirit​Wild 

Echoes Of Forgotten Times 
very psychedelic and relaxing! mellow tune! enjoyed it!     Wind​Spirit​Wild 

Heavenly Visions 
Great play with the surround sound!        The Oracle 

Divine Intervention 
Quality music! :)       Time Away

Someone Who Isn’t You 
An unusual style...good effort       Gemma Cao 
cool style ~ ~ ~ likin this       soundboard tinkerers 
super track!      Alice Ciacco 
Cool track!    Dominique Le Bars

Utopia's Song  
love the change, hard to do, the lyrics are very right for our time      Citizen​Hope  
good    cara   

The Deception of Bad Love 
Utopia's Song   
love this!       Jess Josie Lee 
great energy!     Highfield 
The guitar is real smooth! I like the lyrics :p     The Hungry Hollow 
dooooppeeeeeeeeee       EDM Worldwide Yesterday 
divinely    cara
Catchy  tune!     Mr. Bad Luck

Happy End 
This IS A GREAT SONG!!!  One of John Rocknowski's best solos.     Gerit Vandenberg 
you got that crazy psychedelic sound of flower years, you know :) really enjoy that music!     Leonow 

I'm In Love With You 
uplifting beauty     Highfield     
zoli (beautiful)      thierry Lorsy 
Nice    thierry Lorsy 
cool relaxed      Elysa Sand
Nice soothing atmosphere on this one    Mr. Bad Luck  

Lost Cause 
Punky….swampy cool! Nice!     Vortex in a Bag 

Way good….I’m liking this.     Vortex in a Bag

Mystic Train 
Really nice :):)       numbers in the dream

like    cara

Spiritual Evolution 
Nice music. Fitting title.      The Number B  

So Be It 
smoooooooooooth     DonBeDum 
cool!!     DEDE ALDRIAN (Dedevai) 

Second Thoughts 
Bliss! :)     Time Away 

Society's Shame 
Awesome….cool lyrics     Vortex in a Bag 

The Mirror 
very nice piece man! :)    Sulfurico  

Transition Vibrations 
go man go!    Gerit Vandenberg  

Too Big To Fail 
good intro    Gerit Vandenberg  

Music theater.    Gerit Vandenberg 
Like this tune. Carousel is actually the name of my band.     Cas Sands 
Nice Work    One For All Productions

Tomorrow Will Be There 
You guys are freaking great!     Vortex in a Bag 

good song     Private​Beat​Club/S.Rostov 
this is smooooth        Kelli^Astair 
This is simply beautiful.    AlexDangMusic 

The Bell Rings 
i like this, very trippy. Cool vocal melodies and change ups.     Umbrage 
really cool production. love that guitar sound!        guitarwizardsofthefuture 

You Never Listen To Me
Punk rock classic     ​numbers in the dream

Age of Uncertainty
Excellent track!    Orange-1

Written and recorded in about 2 hrs, i recall.     Gerit Vandenberg

Rebirth Of Mother Gaia  
unusual       KarlHenrik

Peace On Earth  
Awesome     Aois

With Intimacy
awesome    Harsh Blue
great energy,,,,,,,cool       Rado And Friends

Maple Falls 
quality sound        Katja Beautiful 
nice,,,,,,,great vocal    Rado And Friends 
Good song and sound!      Rolando Belli
great track    Harsh Blue 
Sublime!      Alice Ciacco

great sound and vocal,,,,,,nice,,,,,,,good feel        Rado And Friends 
creative rhythm and sound….fascinating         November Love 
nice collage of sounds         Skiprope Cello 
Great track! Captivating arrangement and a intriguing feel about this!     MOMA 

I Love You So Much
You are serious musician        ORIGINAL G 
Great subtle piece! Analog and with a close feel that really gets to you! Congrats!     MOMA
Great song, you have a deep, sharp voice!     Brenda
Excellent       Black Mirror

Dreaming of Utopia
awesome,,,,,creative,,,,,,nice       Rado And Friends 
Right on! Nice song! ....Pop, Rock, Sea Shanty Waltz makes for a very interesting experience...kind of euphoric! ; )     November Love

Change Of Heart 
Lovely tune         Melody Cat 
Nice starter....  very good musical sound and perfect voice      P'pa Carpenter 
A nice rockin' track      This Circle

Going Out In Style 
Groovy!       Musicar
Very nice session! Great work!      Negative Headphone
great work congrats       Summer Music Network
great groove!       Vapor Void

Living In Peace 
I like that… Summer Music Network

The Love of Our Lives 
Sweet lovely        EDM University

Meant To B
very nice. great harmonies :)     Achazia

Simple Times 
Great vibe! True analog feel and touch!       MOMA

Truth Walks Alone 
Nice song I like much           fpmorinstudio

Essendo In Amore Con Te
Nice song!          Pierre Bordetti

Free To Be 
Nice     Sketch

After Hours
cool      Amenbo

Shifting Paradigms 
dope          Beyond Blessed Studios

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