From the album Tragicomedy


4th of July Party
in 1993 at Chuck Sands (R.I.P.) House
in San Pedro, CA (“Pedro”)
(Photos of the party can be viewed in the "Photos" section)

My good friend Chuck used to have an annual "4th of July Party" that was the most rockin’ fun party in town!

The first part of this recording is my band Tragicomedy jammin’ with Richard Derrick (from “Another Umbrella") who played a cool space guitar solo with us.

Then we played our song….

Runaway Technology

A throw away society
Stable diet processed debris
Food wrapped up in red tape
Awaits the starving child

In the name of progress
The ends justifies the means
Eccentric social codes in flux
Runaway Technology

I got no qualms about the things that enhance us
But it's getting harder too understand it all
When they overload the system without any rewards
There won't be any excuses we haven't heard before

Lyrics by Crane
Music by Tragicomedy

Note: That raging party got really wild that night with the whole street ablaze in various forms of fireworks.

Some party-goer threw a pinwheel off the windy cliff that rapidly caught the scrubs on fire at the bottom of the cliff of Cabrillo Beach at the end of 40th St.). At that point, I jumped off the cliff and put the fire out by running around within the “Ring of Fire” kicking dirt on it before it had a chance to burnt the town down.

A motorcycle cop drove into the intersection and stopped in complete amazement at what he saw. Then someone shot a bottle rocket at him which exploded right behind his helmet. He then in that instance drove off as fast as he could to get his buddies who soon showed up in complete riot gear marching in rows down the street. But to their dismay, there was no one to beat up since everyone had gotten the hint to go home before the police parade commenced.

The Fire Dept. eventually showed up as well from a call they got about a “big out-of-control fire on the cliff.” They definitely were not amused nor happy about not finding a fire on the scene.

This party inspired me to write a Teen Romance/Comedy/ET Time Battle/Action/Adventure movie called,
“Freedom Rules” (The “party scene” starts on page 16.)