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  1. Empress

From the recording Tragicomedy


Empress queen of all hearts
You want everything and everyone can't you decide?
Why bargain now you silly child
After all love has been lost between us

You're chasing a dream that's falling apart at the seams
So much to expect what's it all mean?
Past the horizon what do you see?
The countless mirages hiding your precious dream

Give up this useless game
Forget about the rules to find your own way
Look up and learn to live and love
Out of the shadows to rise above

No help to explain what caused the pain
You know how it is affairs they get tense
The love that was new feels so used
Don't get me wrong about love that's right

If our love dies another will grow
Now we must try to give love just a little to show
That when it's real love we both shall know

I guess we've done our time but those sweet, sweet memories try to reappear
Who knows what lies ahead?
It doesn't matter anyhow or does it dear?

written by Richard Alan "Crane" Krieger
performed by Tragicomedy
Copyright 1975