From the album Tragicomedy


She was alone....she always stayed at home
Not feeling good like a good girl should

I took a walk I wandered to her eyes
As if by chance our hearts were magnetized

My Girlfriend's Fine she's really happy
She's divine....My Girlfriend's Fine

She understood the letter I sent to her
We ran away that's what I meant to her

We're having fun in love for three weeks now
Two lives are one we shall remain somehow

My Girlfriend's Fine so very sexy
Her love submime....My Girlfriend's Fine

She's the one who's quite good looking
She's the one that's always smiling
She's the one....oh she is mine yeah!

written by Dirk Vandenberg & Charlie Hancock
Recorded by Wasted Space/Tragicomedy/etc.
Copyright 1988

Note: Charlie Hancock on piano and backing vocals.