From the recording Tragicomedy


Way out in left field where energy and matter can't be destroyed
Where clocks can't watch what's rearranged as we transform
Flexible to experiment with endless possibilities
Building on what is found erasing the boundaries

If it could be pinpointed as such would it be different than
The courage to come face to face with oncoming trains?

Expanding and merging in every direction just like that
As we move on past the traditions that contradict
For the sake of an argument that comes to terms with itself
They find a theory that would work yet they put it back on the shelf

Expectations of something worthwhile
Investing in that which seems to make sense
Nothing ever happens when we try too hard
We don't need your evidence

from the Tragicomedy Album "Homage to Nada"
New Alliance Records
written by Richard Alan "Crane" Krieger
Copyright 1983