From the recording A Walk in the Park


I went to a happening the music was jammin'
And people were dancing everywhere I had to stare
Everyone was having a good time
Laughing and singing and running all over the place
Then I saw your face
So we tripped to the "Light Fantastic"
Dancing and spinning and everything was totally cool
That's until a fell in the pool
I guess I started a chain reaction
Because a bunch of people dove in after me
And I felt so was so much fun

Then a wave splashed into my face and I started to drown
I was finally pulled out of my dilemma and I was turned upside down

Then you came over to me and gave me a big hug
And it felt so nice like paradise
After awhile of talking I got the impression
I'd known you from another time
Sounds like a line but it wasn't

Then a flashback overcame me of another life
And you were there with my baby
And you were my wife

Sometimes in My Dreams, Baby I see you standing there
And your smiling at me
Sometimes in My Dreams...etc.
Sometimes in My Dreams, Baby I feel our love
Was forever meant to be
Sometimes in My Dreams...etc.

all songs written, performed and produced by Richard Alan "Crane" Krieger
Copyright 2005