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  1. Promise of Love


Promise of Love

I try to talk to you as a friend but you've gone of the deep end
What makes you think you can treat me this way?
You think I deserve this that somehow I should pay?

I've tried so hard to make you happy
And all you do is treat me cruel
You think that it's funny as long as I'm the fool

Once I had so much hope that one day things would get better
Now everything turned out wrong
Because the Promise of Love has gone

Promise of Love
Give me strength to know you're out there somewhere
Promise of Love...Promise of Love
Promise of Love
Without you there's nothing to look forward to
Promise of Love...Promise of Love

Why do you even pretend to love me?
When our relationship has fallen apart
I can't take this anymore the tearing of my heart

written, performed and produced by Richard Alan "Crane" Krieger
Copyright 2005