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  1. Simple Times


I was born in 53 a post world war infancy
Doo Wop, Elvis and Haley….with a Korean mêlée'

The future looked bright like shiny chrome
We lived our life and called it home
The juke box played 45's rock and roll and jive
Time just flies while you're alive

What we had was hope and rock n roll teenage angst in the
Shadow of a future pall, yeah we didn’t know…what dreams to forego…

Big Cars and Fat cigars with food put away in jars…a
Kind of naive sublime…of those Simple Times…

Riding in the back seat, viewing what we all see
Through the windshield of destiny…of those
Simple Times…. Simple Times

Lyrics by Leslie H Skip Enge
Music by Richard Alan “Crane” Krieger
Copyright © 2017